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Wholesale Custom Yoga Clothing for Your Store

Looking for comfortable and beautiful yoga clothing? We are an wholesaler and sell yoga clothing for both men and women. We have a wide range of yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, and yoga clothing sets, also seamless,perfect for stocking your retail store. Made from plain fabrics or with inspiring beautiful designs, we have it all.

Our retail partners are a huge part of our growing community. If you are a retailer and would like to wholesale & custom Yoga clothing or are currently a retail partner, please contact us for the latest wholesale prices ~

Low MOQ Offered. 50pcs 

Pattern Design: Custom your own design, or make some changes on our designs

Fabric Custom: Can be custom the fabric as you requested

Color Options: You can choose from our instock color swatches, and can be customized as the pantone number you provide

Size: will under your own size chart, if not, we have the standard US size chart for confirm

Print Logo Service:Heat Transfer print, Screen Print, Silicon print, Embroidery available.

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Products for Yoga Clothing Wholesale Custom Needs

We offer wholesale, customized manufacturing, OEM services to various online and physical shop retailers. Accept tiny orders, support personalized samples, short lead time, fast feedback, flexible production process procedure.

We have been maintaining the most interesting and expansive product catalog to satiate the bulk demands of the bulk buyers. These are readily available in a mishmash of colors, cuts, styles, designs and fabrics to help you entice the customers to the fullest.

Ready to Get Yoga Clothing with Factory Prices?

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We Are A Leading Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler

Are you looking for personalized products to stock in your store, or would you like to have your own private label brand of yoga and fitness apparel? If so, you've come to the right place. Zhihui Yoga Clothing Manufacturer is a leading wholesaler specializing in designing custom yoga clothing and fitness clothing. Our products and services are available at competitive wholesale prices for bulk orders. We also guarantee prompt delivery anywhere in the world, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Our range of wholesale yoga wear exceeds industry quality standards

As a highly respected wholesale yoga clothing manufacturer in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, we adhere to strict quality control processes for every product. Our team ensures that each product complies with international standards, ensuring that top-notch fabrics are selected to provide superior comfort through features such as active wicking and ventilation. Our commitment to quality guarantees an enjoyable experience for yoga enthusiasts.

We offer a charming range of wholesale yoga wear

We are committed to providing high quality fitness and sports apparel, offering a wide range of options in our extensive range of yoga apparel. Our product catalog has been carefully curated to cater to the bulk demand of retail chains, offering assortments such as black and white printed yoga shorts, navy and pink yoga suits, leggings, soft black yoga bras and more. We also offer premium wholesale yoga leggings, stylish black two-piece bodysuits, and smart-fit printed yoga bras to suit every preference.

We offer wholesale customers fast and easy customization options

Looking for unique, customizable items to stock in your store, or considering launching your own personal brand of yoga and fitness apparel? Zhihui Wholesale is your best choice, it is a leading wholesaler specializing in customized wholesale of yoga clothing and fitness clothing. We offer a wide range of products and services for bulk orders at competitive wholesale prices. Get inspired with us and create your own unique collection of yoga and fitness apparel.

Providing complete OEM and private label apparel manufacturing services

As one of the leading manufacturers of private label fitness apparel in China, we are well-equipped to offer comprehensive OEM and private label clothing services. Our dedicated team of experienced and talented designers collaborates closely with our clients, ensuring that their vision is brought to life. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and advanced facilities, we are committed to delivering premium-quality products to our customers.

Small Order Support

Accept small orders from startups to support the growth of the business

Optimize Sourcing Cost

Optimize the customers’ sourcing cost in terms of fabric, quantity, transportation, and so on


Customizable Design

Develop new products based on your ideas and give design advice 

New Styles Per Month

Develop new styles basing on popular trends in the market every month

Quality Control&Packaging
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler1
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler2
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler 4
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler 7
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler 6
Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler 8

Your Professional Yoga Clothing Manufacturer in China

Welcome to Fitness Tool – your ultimate destination for yoga apparel wholesale. As a trusted yoga clothing manufacturer, we take pride in offering a diverse range of options to meet your wholesale needs.

Explore the Best in Wholesale Yoga Clothing

Discover the epitome of comfort and style with our curated selection of wholesale yoga clothing. We stand out among wholesale yoga clothing manufacturers for our commitment to quality and versatility. Elevate your inventory with our range of yoga-inspired pieces.

Top-Quality Yoga Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

As leading yoga clothing wholesale suppliers, we prioritize delivering top-quality products that blend performance with fashion. Our collection is crafted to meet the demands of your customers, providing them with the best in comfort and style.

Custom Yoga Pants Wholesale for Your Unique Brand

Stand out in the market with our custom yoga pants wholesale options. We understand the importance of unique branding, and as such, offer customization to align with your vision. Elevate your brand with yoga pants that resonate with your customers.

Yoga Wholesale Clothing Crafted with Precision

Our commitment to excellence makes us a preferred choice for those seeking yoga wholesale clothing. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring durability and comfort for yoga enthusiasts.

Leading Yoga Inspired Clothing Suppliers

Embrace the essence of yoga with our inspired collection. As dedicated yoga inspired clothing suppliers, we bring you pieces that reflect the serenity and passion of this ancient practice.

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive yoga apparel wholesale selection or specific items like yoga clothing wholesale, Fitness Tool is your reliable partner. Explore our range today and bring the best in yoga apparel to your customers.

Your Professional Yoga Clothing Manufacturer in China

As a certified yoga clothing manufacturer, we help you bridge the market gap by supplying you with both ready-made and customized yoga outfits. Made with high-quality sewing threads and advanced 4-needle and 6-thread machinery to guarantee elasticity and comfortability, yoga lovers will be able to carry out their routines effortlessly. Fabrics used are sourced from leading vendors, ensuring that high-quality yoga clothing is produced.With a professional production line and reliable OEM&ODM service, retailers worldwide choose us as a trusted professional yoga clothing manufacturer.

Factory Strength

Over 100 world advanced sewing machines in our proud production line with 300-500 technical staffs. And own 10-20 designers for your personal design service. Our production capacity is 600,000 pieces per month currently.

And we produce our own fabrics, instead of book and waiting for the fabric arrive, we stock over 800,000 meters fabric to satisfied with any order demands.


Following our strict compliance with the industry standards and quality control procedures, our products have been certified by BSCI and Intertek. At all stages of production, frequent checks and inspections are made to ensure optimal quality.

Rigorous Product Testing and Results

Starting from the acquisition of the raw material to the production, assembly, and packaging stages, rigorous testing is conducted to guarantee the reliability of the yoga clothing. Each piece of yoga clothing is inspected for:






Random checks are then performed to ensure that the quality of the final product is not compromised.

Production & Quality Inspection


When the customer places an order, we will make a production schedule according to the order and customer requirements to reduce the instability in the production process and ensure the expected delivery time of the order. Before production, we will hold a pre-production conference to propose different preventive measures for different products to minimize unnecessary losses and improve product quality.


Including plane, short size and three-dimensional cutting. In terms of craftsmanship, there are also batch cutting and single-piece cutting.

According to gender and style, different tailoring methods are adopted to make the clothes fit and beautiful.

Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler 6

Pre-production inspection

Before production, we will conduct sampling inspection of fabrics and accessories to ensure that their specifications meet customers’ needs. And make pre-production samples to confirm the style and craftsmanship.Besides,we always strengthen communication management to avoid mistakes.


When the materials are complete and qualified, they will be transported to a special production line, and our production manager will arrange the production sequence, technology sequence, and then concentratedly production.

Custom Yoga Clothing Wholesaler2

In-production inspection

In the production time, we will send a special quality monitor (QC) to live in the factory for inspection until the bulk production is over. Including checking weather the specifications of the clothes match the order request. Check different sizes or any bad phenomenon in sewing such as skipped stitches or wrinkles.Check the garment for stains such as weather there are oil stains or rust spots.Check the clothes are ironed perfectly such as weather there exists scorching, discoloration or dead marks.Check the thread ends of the clothes are intact such as dead or live threads.

After packing

After the bulk production is completed, it will be sent to the packaging area for ironing and packaging. If any unqualified products are inspected, they will be reworked, and the clothes will be ironed to ensure their aesthetics. Finally, the packaging will be completed based on customers’ requirements.


Inspection after production

After the bulk is packed into boxes, our quality inspector (QC) will conduct the final box inspection according to the AQL2.5 clothing international inspection standard to ensure that the quality of the bulk is qualified before shipment. At the same time, we also support a Third-party to test our products.


Fabric, Thickness and Color

If you are a European brand or operate primarily in the European market, we highly recommend you consider our recycled fabric selection. Our polyester fabrics are GRS certified and available in various Rpet fabric types. Additionally, we continually update our fabric selection every month. You'll find a variety of options like polyester spandex, nylon spandex, and cotton polyester to suit your needs.

Material Feature Recommendation
Polyester & spandex Durable, lightweight, breathable, and quick drying Sublimation print yoga pants, which more focus on how the print pattern show
Nylon & spandex breathable, supple, super stretchy and still provides some moisture-wicking capabilities Ideal material of yoga pants, so if your design is solid color and prefer the skin-friendly fabric.
Lycra fabric superelastic, heat resistance, high quick dry than the spandex fabric a high level fabric for p yoga pants, but more expensive
Recycled Polyester & Spandex Eco-friendly, sustainable Material made from the plastic bottle, recommend for the one mind on sustainable products

As for thickness, Depends on which Custom yoga pants for:

For Winter or outdoor yoga exercise: 250gsm-280gsm will be the ideal options, which keep warm and not to be too see-through.

For Summer or dynamic yoga class:180-220gsm recommend for you. what’s more, the trendy fabric thickness nowadays is lightweight. But you do not worry about the see-through problem, updated double-side polyester/nylon fabric will solve it for you.

Options For A Range Of Colors:

we have some instock color options for confirm, which also provide a low MOQ for you. If you are startup, then you prefer multi color but small quantity when order your custom yoga pants. And for sure, you might have different wants and needs on colors. Send us the pantone color number you want, we will send the lab dip and color swatches for confirm.

Most Common Logo Print :

If you want to print your logo on the yoga clothes, you can do it in several different ways. Including embroidery, screen printing or transfer:

Embroidery is a technique involving sewing machines. The image of the logo is uploaded to the software, and the machine stitches the logo on any surface. If you want to follow the embroidery route, thick fabrics are the best. If you choose embroidery (or ironing patches), you should need to use a converter. It such as Convertio to obtain the correct logo file.

Screen printing is a technique that is very suitable for a large number of products. Because the screen must be customized for each design. The durability of screen printing is quite good and can last a long time on the fabric. This is a common method to print logos on T-shirts and bags. Of course, yoga clothes are also suitable.

But the most common way of logo printing is thermal transfer. In short, thermal transfer printing involves spreading sheets of transfer material on the garment. And then hot pressing them to permanently apply customized graphics to the garment.

The required graphics are first digitally printed on special thermal transfer paper using solvent ink. When pressed with hot press, this type of ink allows the design to be transferred from paper to yoga clothes.

The beauty of thermal transfer printing is that it is suitable for different materials and fabrics. Compared with other methods, it is almost no mess, and requires minimal maintenance.

Most Common logo print

Oem Yoga Wear Sample Service

When you confirmed the order,you will want to get the sample firstly. The following, i will show you the sample service.

1 The sample cost is about 50-100 usd. When you send us the bulk order, we will send back the sample cost to you

2 We have sample team, so if you confirmed the sample details, we can do the sample in 7 days and ship out soon

3 we will do the sample until your satisfied with it.we can provide in 3 times.

We Can Provide the Hang Tag Customized Service

Hang tags provide a professional touch for your products, while also providing an eye-catching way to show off your brand. We can provide the hang tag service with small mini order. So the Small and medium-sized sellers also can customized the label without any press. You can also enjoy the services of big brand sellers in our factory.

We Can Provide the Yoga Wear Packing Bag Logo Customized

Facts have proved that customized branded packaging can increase sales and brand engagement.So if you want to do the long time brand, you will consider to customized the packing bag with your logo.

Above all, we can provide these service is that we hope that our customer do sportswear will be more easy. They can have more time to sell their product and think about their brand. We can each do our professional things and make product more better.

We welcome the big brand sellers, we will also welcome the small sells and developmental seller, we are very glad to help you and grow up with you.Our factory have very competitive quality and price in the market. Welcome you visit us.


Shippment: Sea freight, railway freight, air freight, express; support warehouse-to-warehouse & warehouse-to-door services.

Trade terms: Our usual trade terms are CFR,DDP,DAT,CIP,CIF, FOB,FCA,FAS,etc.

Payment method: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), L/C(Letter of Credit),D/P(Document against Payment),D/A (Documents against Acceptance)

Payment terms: Negotiable according to the customer's requirements

People Also Asked:

What types and styles of yoga clothing do you offer in wholesale quantities?

Zhihui Wholesale is a brand that is rapidly expanding in the global market and is known for its excellent fashion sense and first-class quality of yoga clothing. Our core expertise lies in manufacturing a wide range of yoga apparel including Yoga Pants, Sports Bras, Tank Tops, Yoga Wear Sets and Shorts. We take pride in offering these products to numerous bulk buyers across the globe, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

What fabrics do you use for your wholesale yoga clothing?

In terms of fabric selection, We carefully curate a variety of high-quality fabrics that are specifically chosen for their suitability in yoga and fitness activities. These fabrics commonly include moisture-wicking materials, such as polyester and nylon blends, which help to keep you cool and dry during your workouts. Additionally, we also offer options that incorporate spandex or elastane for superior stretch and flexibility. Rest assured, our wholesale yoga clothing is made with fabrics that are durable, breathable, and designed to enhance your yoga experience.

What is the selling price of yoga clothes?

Wholesale purchase prices for our products may vary based on several factors. These factors include the specific items you are interested in, the quantity you wish to order, and any custom or special requests you may have. To receive an accurate quote, please contact us with the details of your required wholesale purchase and our team will be more than happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

Are there any discounts available for bulk purchases of yoga clothes?

Certainly. We offer special discounts on bulk purchases of yoga wear. If you are interested in our wholesale prices and incentives, please feel free to contact us for more details.

How do customize wholesale yoga clothing?

To make the ordering process easier for our valued customers, we have made it as simple as possible. All you need to do is email us your concept ideas or call us to schedule a brainstorming session. Additionally, you can customize wholesale yoga wear by choosing your preferred material type, color, print, and style.

Do you have any products in stock ?

Yes, Zhihui has some products in stock, if you are interested, we can send you pictures, but we mainly do customization

Where is your company located ?

Our company is located in Huizhou, China, near the largest fabric market in Guangzhou and the largest port in Shenzhen.

How long will it take to produce ?

Bulk order at least 21 days time of produce.

What's your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 50 pieces

What kind of company are you ?

Zhihui is industry and trade integration, mainly doing yoga clothing customization.

How to calculate the freight ?

The price of freight depends on the weight of the goods and the country of destination.

What is the price if I buy 100 pieces ?

The price depends on the style and the custom craft you need . If you order more, Zhihui would provide much more discount

Can I customize my brand logo on my sample/bulk ?

Yes,Zhihui can put your brand Logo on any style in the best suitable size.

How do we know the production schedule of my order ?

We have production progress tracking, you can check the progress of your order at any time.

Do you have any designers to help us design?

Yes, we have very professional yoga clothing designers to help you design your yoga clothing style and craftsmanship.

How long the shipping time?

The sample shipping time about 5-7 days,bulk order shipping time about 7-10 days

What's your sample policy?

We are glad to send samples for your testing before you place bulk order. Pre-production samples are produced in the exact same way as all the garments will eventually be produced on large-scale production. If you would like a sample before putting in an actual production order, we can accommodate your request during production but we will have to charge for the sample shipment and ask you to make a reasonable deposit to ensure that you are serious with the ordering of the same garment. We provide both prototyping and sample production services.

Do you have any garment quality policy?

Yes, we are proud to introduce our policy of 100% quality guarantee for all our products. We offer 100% quality assurance and not a single piece is going to be defective. If you order 100 pieces, you will get 100 pieces which are accurate as per your description. Our 100% quality guarantee policy includes:

1.No whole in any fabric/garment.

2.No lose threads.

3.No stitching errors.

4.100% preshrunk.

5.No stains.

6.No printing mistakes.

7.According to provided sizes with 1 inch tolerance.

8.Quality packing.

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