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Seamless Yoga Pants Manufacturer

Zhihui, a renowned yoga pants manufacturer from China, is committed to delivering stylish and comfortable yoga pants. We take pride in our state-of-the-art production line and reliable OEM&ODM services, which have made us the preferred choice for retailers worldwide.

Our range of products includes customizable yoga pants that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want to incorporate unique designs, personalize your branding, or request custom sizing, our dedicated team is here to collaborate with you.

In addition to our custom solutions, we also offer wholesale services, catering to the needs of businesses looking to stock up on high-quality yoga pants. As a trusted professional manufacturer, we ensure that each pair of pants meets our standards of comfort, fashion, and durability.

To learn more about our products, please browse through the details below. If you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or leave a message on our contact page. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free quote, enabling you to explore the exciting possibilities of partnering with us for your custom and wholesale business needs.

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Our Seamless Yoga Pants

Our comprehensive OEM&ODM services allow us to assist you in launching your own brand of yoga pants with customized logos, patterns, and packaging, tailored to your unique preferences and requirements. Using only carefully chosen fabrics such as nylon, spandex, and polyester, our yoga pants are renowned for their exceptional stretch, optimum comfort, and flawless fit.

We have implemented rigorous quality control measures throughout our production process, ensuring that our products endure wear and aging while delivering remarkable value for your investment.

Our other products include yoga bras, yoga shorts and yoga sets that are comfortable and of high quality, providing our customers with a wide selection.

Factory Price Seamless Yoga Pants Buy From Us

We continuously enhance our leggings collection and expand our inventory, including printed leggings, nude-toned leggings, high-waisted leggings, and more. Each product is designed with the needs of fitness enthusiasts in mind. If you are looking to bulk order seamless leggings, we are here to meet your requirements with our quality apparel. Our ZHIHUI brand offers custom seamless leggings that guarantee durability and functionality, earning favor among a wide range of consumers. If you're seeking to import high-quality, factory-direct seamless leggings, make your purchase with us.

Seamless Yoga Pants

Our seamless yoga pants are your best choice, as they come equipped with a variety of features that make them comfortable, stylish, and multifunctional.

High-Waist Design

Our high-waist design is positioned above the natural waistline, providing comprehensive coverage and support for the waist and abdomen.

Seamless Design

Our leggings feature a seamless design with no visible seams, presenting a smooth and seamless appearance.

Elastic Comfortable Materials

Crafted from elastic and comfortable materials such as cotton, spandex, and other synthetic fibers, our leggings offer a snug and comfortable fit.

Variety of Sizes, Colors, and Styles

We offer a diverse range of sizes, colors, and styles to cater to different preferences and needs.


Our high-waisted seamless leggings are suitable for various activities and occasions, including everyday wear, activewear, and fashion ensembles.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler looking to offer stylish wholesale seamless yoga pants to your customers, then contacting Seamless Yoga Pants Manufacturers is a great place to start. As Seamless Yoga Pants Manufacturers, we are here to help you satisfy your needs. bulk clothing demand high quality, stylish seamless leggings at an affordable price.
At ZHIHUI, we understand the importance of seamless partnerships and our team is dedicated to supporting your business needs, whether it's fast turnaround times, flexible order quantities or reliable shipping solutions. Our goal is to help your business succeed with our wholesale leggings. To see first-hand the styles of quilted yoga pants we have designed for our growing customer base, please visit our latest catalogue, we're confident you'll find something that meets your needs and preferences. If you have any questions or need help with your bulk clothing needs, please contact us. We're here to help you succeed.

Still not finding what you're looking for? Contact our consultants for more available products.

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Production Scale

Zhihui is a well-known factory specializing in the development and production of high-end yoga wear. We operate in a spacious factory covering over 20,000 square meters with a skilled workforce of 300-500. Our factory has a complete production chain, equipped with advanced mechanical equipment, including sample workshop and testing workshop.

It is worth noting that we have more than 50 four-needle six-thread patchwork sewing machines and 200 flatbed lathes, which enable us to achieve an impressive monthly output of 600,000 pieces. In order to ensure timely and reliable delivery, we have a warehouse covering an area of ​​6,000 square meters and a stock of 2 million pieces. In this way, we can effectively provide a steady stream of products to domestic and foreign customers. With a monthly production capacity of 50,000 to 70,000 pieces, we have the ability to efficiently meet your specific requirements.

Our professional team consists of 20 technical employees, including professional pattern designers and professional technical team. By utilizing their expertise, we are able to develop more than 100 new products every year. Therefore, we can provide easy customization for our own branding or to meet your specific branding needs.

Choose Zhihui as your trusted partner to produce first-class yoga wear. We guarantee excellent quality, efficient service and a commitment to satisfactory results. Contact us today to discuss how our manufacturing needs can be met.

Choose Zhihui as Your Yoga Pants Manufacturer

ZHIHUI is a renowned wholesale supplier of seamless yoga pants in China. As one of the largest manufacturers of athletic bottom-wear in the country, we offer wholesale seamless yoga pants and bulk sales to business customers. If your goal is to establish your own business and leave a lasting impression on your customers with top-notch fitness yoga pants, ZHIHUI is your preferred destination for wholesale investment.

We are one of the top seamless yoga pants manufacturers in China.

Looking to provide stylish wholesale yoga pants to your customers? Contact ZHIHUI for all your bulk clothing needs. We uphold uncompromising standards in quality and appeal. Visit our virtual store to explore the various seamless yoga pants designed for the growing customer base.

Explore our extensive catalog for your bulk purchase.

Our exclusive collection includes wholesale seamless yoga pants designed for business customers. The inventory features carefully selected seamless yoga pants designed to bring joy to your customers. Our ever-expanding product range includes wholesale high-waisted seamless yoga pants, black geometric printed yoga pants, mesh-patterned yoga pants, and more. Each product is designed with the needs of today's fitness enthusiasts in mind.

Custom clothing needs? We've got you covered.

Looking to bulk order custom seamless yoga pants? The popular seamless clothing manufacturer ZHIHUI is ready to support your business development. Discuss your requirements with our design team, covering factors like color palette, fabric engineering, signature shades, different sizes, etc. Creative experts will create a sample piece according to your instructions, which can be fine-tuned and then produced in bulk.

Meet your private label clothing needs with our assistance.

For business owners in need of bulk stock, our creative team at ZHIHUI is ready to assist. From customization to logo embossment and incorporating trendy designs, we are here to help you fulfill your private label clothing business dreams.

Distributorship business support.

As one of the most popular seamless yoga pants manufacturers in China, we are here to assist you with your bulk clothing needs. Our extensive range of updated workout wear will help you become a distributor and achieve the required profit margin for the year.

Once you contact us, we will uphold our high standards. Our goal is to help business owners carve out a special place for themselves in the industry. So, we are just a call away—why wait?


Selection of Fabrics

Cutting and Sewing


Adding Labels



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Wholesale Yoga Pants: For Retailers and Distributors

Zhihui is not only good at manufacturing yoga pants, but also a reliable supplier of wholesale yoga pants. We have a deep understanding of the needs of retailers and distributors who strive to provide their customers with high quality yoga apparel. By partnering with us, you can shop our huge assortment of wholesale custom yoga pants, which are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Our competitive wholesale prices and flexible order quantities make it easy for businesses of all sizes to stock high-quality yoga pants that perfectly meet the needs of their target market.

Whether you own a yoga studio, boutique or online store, our wholesale options offer you a great opportunity to expand your product range and satisfy your customers' desire for stylish and comfortable yoga pants. Our commitment to exceptional quality ensures that your customers will be satisfied with your products and keep coming back for more.

Contact us today to discuss your wholesale needs and take advantage of our attractive offerings. We can't wait to work with you and contribute to your business success.

Private Label Success: Your Business Development Partner

At ZHIHUI, we excel in crafting fashionable yoga pants that seamlessly balance style and functionality. We have established ourselves as a go-to destination for business owners and retailers in the fitness-fashion industry in the USA. Serving as a renowned distributor, supplier, and manufacturer of yoga pants, we are recognized for a range of services, along with a catalog that evokes a wow-worthy response.

Best Seamless Yoga Pants Manufacturer

Proudly, we can declare ourselves as one of the leading wholesale seamless yoga pants manufacturers in the USA. Our extensive catalog of wholesale fitness yoga pants showcases lightweight, chic designs with superior features. We focus on creating a refined collection of gym yoga pants that retailers should consider adding to their stock.

Catalog Featuring High-Quality Seamless Yoga Pants

Our primary focus is on providing comfort through a premium collection of seamless yoga pants in wholesale. The diverse range includes pieces like backless and seamless hoodie yoga pants, black geometric printed seamless yoga pants, black mesh-patterned seamless yoga pants, black mesh seamless yoga pants, and more. All these designs are created keeping the latest trends in mind. If you aim to offer your customers a wide variety of seamless yoga pants, be sure to explore our continually expanding catalog of wholesale seamless yoga pants.

Customization to Meet Your Needs

As a popular seamless yoga pants manufacturer, we address your specific needs for custom seamless yoga pants. If you are searching for custom yoga pants in bulk for your business, we are here to assist you. Simply inform our design team about your precise custom requirements regarding logo, design, color, and more for your bulk order. We will create a sample piece according to your specifications for your approval before finalizing the bulk order.

Distributor Opportunities

Retailers can take advantage of our offers to become distributors of seamless workout yoga pants. Our offices are conveniently located in Australia, the USA (California), and Canada. Partnering with us ensures success in various business aspects.

Finest Private Label Seamless Yoga Pants Collection

When you sell private label seamless gym pants sourced from us, you can trust that they will satisfy your customers in every aspect, from design to functionality. We are the ideal partner to guide your private label store on the right track.

2 Convenient Options for Your Seamless Leggings Project

Which plan do you favor? Please compare our SUPER MOQ with that of other factories!

custom yoga tight pants  Design

1.Customize new designs

Discover a cost-effective, stress-free, and premium solution for manufacturing customized seamless yoga pants.

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mirror mark label

2: Brand Your Logo on Our Ready-made Designs

Allow us to imprint your logo on our extensive selection of over 100 existing designs. Small orders are welcome, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 2 piece.

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What You Receive With Our Services:


Quality Checked Products Delivered to Your Doorstep






5 Rounds of Quality Inspections:

  • Inspection after Knitting
  • Inspection after Dyeing
  • Inspection after Cutting & Sewing
  • Inspection after Ironing
  • Inspection before Packaging


Production Progress Updates






Assisting You in Managing Delivery Timelines:

  • Report Dispatched upon Material Readiness
  • Report Issued upon Completion of Dyeing
  • Report Sent after Sewing is Finished


Days of Service, No Breaks






  • Rapid Response for Sampling and Order Placement;
  • Prompt Resolution for Complaints, Always by Your Side;
  • Operational Even When Other Suppliers are on Vacation.


Reduced Minimum Order Quantity Compared to Standard Suppliers






  • Reduce your expenses in designing new products;
  • Transform more creative ideas into reality.
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