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Yoga pants look great on girls with nice hips. Yoga pants are hot because they are tight and hug a girl’s buttocks. They let her ass move naturally. You can see the cheeks move on both hips, out from the waist and back to the legs, with a little bit of jitter, box gaps, and curves. If a girl doesn’t have a nice butt, they don’t look good in it. The flatness of the yoga pants is still flat, and fat people look fun wearing them. Not all leggings do the same thing. Many skinny jeans squeeze out a flat but wide hip. They don’t fit, so they change the shape of the hip and make it look awkward. Not to mention that seeing girls in various positions while actually doing yoga affects the whole idea.

Most yoga pants are black, and any black pants will hide imperfections. They’re also tight enough to hold and suck on everything like a belt/spandex, but then again, that’s how any leggings work. While I still find yoga pants thin compared to other pants, they are thick enough to hide cellulite, unlike leggings.

How to make your butt look bigger in leggings?

The most important step in making your hips look bigger with leggings is: to choose the right leggings! While a basic pair of cotton leggings can still make your hips look great, true hip leggings are those designed to make your hips as peach-colored as possible.

Best Leggings for Big Butts


Textured Leggings


With so many types of leggings on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your body type or needs. If you’re looking for volume and a more rounded peach look, opt for leggings with texture and patterns. The finely textured leggings add volume to your hips, while the leggings material hugs your curves for a streamlined figure.


High Waist Leggings


High-waisted leggings are great for creating a tucked-in look: A tucked-in waist pushes your hips out for a fuller look, while your midsection looks slimmer and more fitted. The high-waisted leggings also help to flatten out any love handles that stick out from under our tops and any muffin tops, making your hips look bigger while your upper body looks slimmer!


Gradient Leggings


The Ombre Leggings feature a two-tone design to make the hips look bigger: the darker color on top adds volume, while the lighter color adds a streamlined effect to your lower body.


Pleated Leggings


Basically ruffled hip leggings are leggings with well-positioned “ruffled” seams that accentuate your butt cheeks and ultimately make your booty look bigger and rounder.


How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger With Leggings, Peach Tips & Tricks


1. Pair Leggings With Heels

High heels are already great for booty because they force us to maintain good posture while lengthening our legs. A pair of high-heeled shoes with a pair of hip-hugging leggings will surely make you the center of attention!

2. Small Size

The best thing about leggings is their stretch: they still fit even if you drop a size or two! If you want your peach to look sexy in even the most boring leggings, just downsize! However, it’s important to choose a pair of high-waisted leggings when downsizing – we don’t want them falling off and exposing our hips to neighbors!

3. Choose High-waisted Leggings Instead Of Low-rise

If the round bubble-ass look is the goal, high-waisted leggings have won over their cotton, low-rise siblings. High-waisted leggings will tighten the waist and give the impression of a more slender midsection, thus making the hips look fuller! High-waisted leggings flatten your midriff while also helping to create an hourglass figure, ideal if you want to show off your butt.

4. Choose The Right Underwear

If you want your hips to really stand out in a pair of leggings, you first need to make sure your underwear fits your hips. Giant granny pants aren’t the best option here, as they’ll just flatten your peaches. Choose hip-enhancing underwear that looks good on its own: thongs, thongs, and Brazilian lace help add shape and give a rounded look, perfect for wearing under leggings.

5. Use Shapewear

Shapewear is great for contouring the body and flattening out any lumps or bumps that stand in the way of achieving the perfect hourglass shape. If you want your hips to stand out, get some shapewear for your heart handles or muffin tops. The lycra fibers in shapewear flatten your midsection and smooth out any bumps, while the chunky waistband on leggings pushes out and strengthens your hips.

6. Wear Hip-enhancing Underwear

If you really need to lift your butt and want a quick fix, there’s no shame in using a pair of hip pads. Butt lifters (or butt-enhancing bras) will give you temporary volume and lift, kind of like a chicken fillet insertable bra, but your booty. Lumbar pads really aren’t a long-term solution, but they can be used as a sleepover solution for events or vacations where you really want your booty to pop up.


It's a waste of talent for a woman with a great body to not show her best self. So, be sure to choose the right clothes for you. If you also want to show your buttocks, why not choose a yoga pants that suit you here?

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