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Those who choose to wear yoga pants, all hope to enjoy the tight feeling and the relaxed and comfortable feeling brought by yoga leggings. But sometimes, we have problems with these stretchy yoga pants, especially the poor quality ones - most often they slip off and you find yourself pulling them down. Let's talk about why this happens, and tips to avoid slipping.

Why Do Yoga Pants Slip Down?

1. Inappropriate size

The most common reason why leggings won't fit is the wrong size. When your yoga pants are too big, they may feel comfortable to lie on, but eventually, fall down during walking or the slightest physical activity.

Opting for super skinny yoga pants might not be the best idea either. For example, if you bear the weight on your stomach, the extra flesh can push down on the waistband, causing the yoga pants to slip off.

2. Yoga Pants Are Too Old

The elastic may have lost its elasticity due to prolonged use or the fabric may have stretched, making the "stretch" effect feel like just "stretch".

3. Poor Fabric Quality Or Slippery Material

High-quality tights won't slip off as easily as low-quality ones. While most yoga pants are made from technical fabrics and spandex/elastane blends, the quality of the material itself varies from brand to brand.
What's more, cheaper yoga pants aren't made with the same level of detail and attention to detail as high-end leggings. As a result, they may have too much or too little fabric around the waist, the crotch is sewn too high or too low, or they may stretch too little or too much to stay in place during movement.

4. Your body may not be suitable for wearing leggings

We are all so unique and so are our bodies. Creating a pair of yoga pants that fits everyone is a daunting task, and not every brand is up to it.

If your pants are the right size, you've washed them according to the instructions, but they keep slipping off during exercise, it's possible that the yoga pants just aren't the right size for you.

Maybe your hips are too narrow or your butt is too small. Not all activewear is created equal.

However, in our age of accessible and actionable technology and customer feedback, this gives us the opportunity to create products for virtually every type of body.

In our current market, no matter how unconventional you think it is, you're sure to find something that suits you. If you need some advice feel free to email me and we'll have some yoga pants for you.


How do you know if yoga pants are too big or too small?


If you're not sure if your yoga pants need to be increased/reduced in size, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Am I comfortable? When you put on your workout leggings, they should feel like a second skin. There should be no chafing or rubbing against your skin, and no muffin topping. No matter the intensity of your workout, the best leggings will move with you.
Are the pants wrinkled or baggy at the crotch or knees? A well-fitting pair of yoga pants should fit snugly around your thighs, calves, and butt without restricting them. You may need a smaller size if there is an extra fabric that shreds and gets in the way of posture.
Do leggings leave marks or lines on your body after practice? Unless you're wearing super high-compression leggings, you shouldn't be able to see any marks on your skin. If you do, choose a larger size.

How To Keep Yoga Pants From Falling Down?

You've probably found some neat tips online or from a friend on how to keep your leggings from slipping off. But these methods are not suitable for everyone. After all, people consider different factors. Some people want to be comfortable and some people want to look good. Here, I will provide you with some reference opinions, which can be considered from the following perspectives:

find the perfect size

When choosing yoga pants, it's not a good idea to use your lounge pants size as a guide. That said, many yoga brands make yoga pants in a different size than regular slacks. So a tape measure is your friend.

Tape measures measure your waist above your belly button, your hips - just below your hipbone, and your inseam - from your crotch to your ankle. Sometimes you may also find thigh measurements, so make sure to measure them as well.

Unlike jeans or fitted pants, leggings have built-in extra stretch, so you can afford to go down a size or two, especially if you have narrow hips with less bulk in your hips. This will ensure your tights stay in place, and it will also make your butt and thighs look fuller!

Choose the Right Yoga Pants Style

Not only do high-waisted leggings minimize slippage by hugging your torso, but they also prevent muffins. High-waisted leggings tend to have a thicker waistband designed to streamline your shape and accentuate your figure. These tights are also great for those who struggle with sliding tights! If your leggings are always trying to come off your legs, keep them in place with a tight pair of high-waisted leggings.

The V-shaped waistband in yoga pants also helps keep the pants up because it sits higher on the hips.

Yoga pants styles with drawstrings are great for high-intensity workouts like HIIT and running, keeping the legs in place even during very active movements.

Choose yoga pants in brushed and compression fabrics

The brushed fabric has been brushed for a soft, textured, and worn-in feel. Not only is it very comfortable and what people say is "buttery soft", but it also creates a kind of traction against your skin that helps the pants stay straight.

Compression fabrics are known for their durability and next-to-skin fit. They're great for high-intensity exercise because they "hold it all".

Opt for yoga pants with a drawstring waistband

Holds the tights in place after the drawstring is properly adjusted.

If you prefer a pair of leggings without a drawstring, you can cut a hole in the middle of the inside of the waistband and run a cord through the pants.

Use a safety pin on the end of the rope so you can loop it around your belt and exit through the same opening. Voila, you just dressed in some drawstring leggings!


The above questions about yoga pants slipping come from our research on customers. We are a professional custom yoga pants manufacturer serving the global market for 10 years. I hope to bring you more discussions about yoga pants.


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