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If you want to start a leggings/yoga pants business, expand your current business, or change suppliers? Then you must have come to the right place. fitness-tool is a women's fashion sports wholesaler located in Guangdong, China, specializing in yoga pants manufacturers and wholesale leggings and yoga pants, and offers a variety of fashionable fitness items and styles. We've been in the leggings, yoga pant manufacturers, and yoga pants fashion business for over 12 years, and run sites like fitness-tool and Alibaba, so our experience is unmatched by anyone in the market.

Please note that these are guidelines and recommendations, fitness-tool in no way provides specific or exact ways to run your own business. Our advice is just that, the biggest deciding factor is your ability to apply and sell our excellent wholesale yoga pants. There is no substitute for hard work.

How To Sell Wholesale And Why Is Wholesale Business Worth It?

Let's start with the basics: What does a wholesale company do?

Essentially, a wholesale business sells goods in bulk to another retailer, offline or online, who then sells them to new customers at a higher price. Originally, wholesale was associated with brick-and-mortar giants like Walmart, but today this niche is dominated by direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies. It's simple: for offering wholesale merchandise for sale, it is sufficient to reorganize the space in the store to accommodate bulk products. You no longer need to spend a fortune to start an independent company. Prominent examples of in-store categories that have opted for this strategy are Amazon and Wayfair.

3 Benefits of Selling Wholesale Goods:

Get higher sales without increasing your marketing costs: Wholesale is easier on your budget and will help you sell more. While marketing costs may be higher in some cases, there is no need for advertising if you choose to sell wholesale.
Partner with well-known brands: With a wholesale business, you can tap into the audiences of other brands who may have a larger audience than you. This model allows you to join forces with as many other brands as possible and start building relationships with them early on.
Entering new markets: Working with suppliers who sell wholesale can help you enter new markets with less risk because you are buying products in bulk. Also, working with a reliable supplier gives you a higher level of credibility when reaching out to customers.

Why sell yoga products?

Americans spend $16.8 billion annually on yoga classes and accessories. That's an increase of $6.1 billion from 2012! As the market continues to grow, each year a whole new group of yoga enthusiasts craves products that will help them pursue their passions. This presents an exciting opportunity for online entrepreneurs. Even if you've never practiced yoga, you can easily ship products such as clothing, blocks, straps, mats, and other accessories to global markets. The key to getting your business up and running quickly is choosing the right supplier. If you want to sell yoga apparel, you can design your own unique apparel using a print-on-demand service like Printful. Once you've designed or selected your product, it's time to build an online store and gain a loyal following.

So how do I start a wholesale business?

If you have an existing business and would like to start ordering products today, then all you have to do is contact us. We basically support all popular payment methods in the market. Then checkout and we'll send you a single item of leggings and stylish gym custom yoga pants. We ship almost the same day because we are committed to your success. If you're starting a brand new business then we'll provide some basic steps to orient and get started, so let's get started.

We'll keep things as simple as possible so you can put everything in perspective when you start integrating your business.

There are two main areas that will consume your time

Purchasing - Purchasing the products you want to sell
Sell - sell the products you buy

You need to allocate two main resources:

There are many areas that fall into sub-categories, such as accounting, quality control, etc., but we'll focus on the main fundamentals of your business.

Purchase products

That's exactly what Tights Wholesale Supermarket offers you. Here's what we did:

  1. Find the best products from around the world
  2. Ensure product quality and marketability
  3. Offered to you at a great price
  4. Have they shipped to you quickly

It's that simple, 100% of product purchases are taken care of. All you have to do is pick from our ever-expanding catalog of women's fashion styles, and determine what you'll be successful in sales, and the budget you set for your initial product. We want to make sure all your product considerations are taken care of and keep you competitive with wholesale prices.


Your ability to sell and/or distribute inventory will be the biggest determinant of how much money (profit) you will make through your business. Once you've found a great product, it's time to focus on selling. Here, your hard work, creativity, and ideas will play a big role.

Some ideas for sales are: 

This is probably your biggest resource and here's why.

Social Media 

This can be a great tool for getting people involved with your business. The main social media networks are:



You can create your own website quickly and easily. We recommend one of the following shopping cart providers:

Woo Commerce

Friends and Family Network 

Let your friends and family know you've started a leggings and fashion business. We have 2 suggestions for your network of friends and family:
Introduce your business and amazing leggings and fashion to your family and friends, but don't alienate them by being too pushy. Let them know about your business, show them your style, and tell them what you have in fashion and pricing.
Your friends and family can also be sources for networking, so impress them and discover any potential business or marketing ideas they may have.


This can be a great way to have a brick-and-mortar store, but keep in mind that the bigger the lease, the bigger the commitment to the business. We consider this an advanced business idea.

Local Mail

Targeted home mail that directs people to your website or storefront


Talk to people about your new business and the amazing leggings and fashion style you have. We've found that when most women actually touch and feel the fabric and quality of our leggings, they want one of their own.
Make your own billboard - yes! Wear the clothes you sell. If you don't wear what you love and do business around you, then why sell to the people you are? It doesn't become very convincing when you're not wearing the product you're selling. When you put on your amazing leggings and mix and match them with a great top, people will ask!

Business Cards

an oldie, but a goodie. The purpose of a business card is to leave something to someone so they have something to look back on. Make sure you have your website and contact information.

Build and Send Email Lists

Growing your contact list can have a huge impact on your growth but remember not to over-mail your list and make sure the information is important and useful.
Distribute to other local businesses - yes, you can distribute (sell) your product as a "middleman" and become a wholesaler yourself. Keep in mind that as a wholesaler, you will need to deal with quantities rather than expecting huge profits on a per-item basis.

Consignment at other storefront businesses

Consignment means you deliver your product to a retailer without the retailer paying for the product up front. They pay you on a predetermined future date, i.e. weekly, monthly, or 90 days. You should have a written agreement with the retailer and a signed list of items signed by both parties. For complex and bulky shipments, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice to keep your interests safe.
Flea markets - these places can be incredible places to meet people in the morning and sell tons of stuff. Check your local flea market and other sales environments.

Weekly Yard/Garage Deals

Once people start to know that you have amazing and trendy yard deals every week, then you're likely to be attracting customers on a regular basis. Remember to check your local laws regarding such events.

Remember: There is no "self-promotion"

We've all heard it many times when someone presents us with an opportunity and say "these sell themselves." We've never seen leggings walk into a room by themselves and show themselves. Every great achievement requires some effort, so remember, what you give is what you get. Concentrate on showing your leggings to as many people as possible and let people know that you have started a leggings business or that your boutique is selling or expanding your selection of leggings. You have to put in an honest effort to get honest results, and when you start seeing results, it becomes contagious. Plus, when your customers fall in love with their new purchase, they'll always be interested in the new item you have.

Learn to choose the right style from the reviews

To get a better idea of what these cases look like in real life, check out the reviews tab of the product listing and check out "Reviews with Photos." Be sure to read the reviews to see what others are saying about this product. Also, you need to look at the "Transactions" tab in the C-segment e-commerce site. If you see a person making multiple purchases, they are most likely drop shippers. That tells you it's likely to be a good sale.

Let your customers "touch and feel" your leggings

There's a selling principle that says "if your customers can touch and feel it, they'll double the chances of them wanting to buy." Of course, that's not possible online, but once you have a solid grasp of the fabric and Good understanding, then it is important to design. Most customers don't experience the buttery soft luscious feel of our amazing leggings, and once they feel it and then put them on, your chances of making a sale just get better. People buy emotions, they buy things that make their emotional minds feel good about themselves, and there’s nothing more amazing than fashion.

Why is this your main asset and sales tool?

This website allows you to present our entire catalog to your clients with the confidence to showcase all of our amazing fashion products and not have to worry about losing that client or pointing them to another website where you may lose that client's business. It will allow you to charge any price you want and create any variation with our products and have an amazing tool where you can show your customers the other styles you offer them because there are no Show prices.

What you see on our shadow site is:

All our products
Inventory count for each product
Information/Description of each product
Product Category
Color and size options
Ability to create accounts/wishlists for your clients
Product Image
We're excited to bring you an amazing new tool to help you improve your ability to scale your business!

How to Start a Successful Leggings Business

So, you have considered, analyzed, and determined that you have the opportunity to start your own leggings business and be successful. What to do now? Once you've decided that you might be able to successfully start your own leggings business, there are a few things you need to think about from the start, we'll go over the basics so you can ask yourself the right questions, make the right decisions and start your new business success in.

Leggings inventory is the most important factor

Which legging style you choose and the price you pay for them will be the two most important factors in the success of your business. Having great and stunning styles that people really want will ensure that you will be able to sell your inventory. This is called a "need," and it's crucial to have on-trend fashion styles that scream "must haves" for your wardrobe. The next element is to make sure you get leggings at a good price while keeping your "stock risk" as low as possible. The difference between your selling price and the cost of goods is your "gross margin" and ultimately determines your profitability. Therefore, the two elements that must be kept in mind when starting a leggings business are:

  • Get the amazing legging styles people are dying to buy
  • Get your stockings of leggings at great prices

The legging style you choose based on the market matters, not all markets are the same. Pick carefully and understand the markets you're selling to, then get them at great prices.

Manage your leggings inventory

There is another key component of managing your leggings business that optimizes your success and profitability, limiting or even eliminating "inventory risk". No one has a perfect track record of picking the best-selling styles and then ordering the perfect quantity, limiting your risk of falling into "stale stock". What is stale stock? This is inventory that you can't sell easily and need to lower the price in an attempt to get them to liquidate to buy additional new inventory. If you purchased 20 styles of 10 each, please provide pictures. Selling 10 pieces of the same style can be very difficult, if not nearly impossible if the style doesn't fit your market needs. This can waste a lot of time trying to sell this stock at a discount to clear it and bring in new ones. This is actually how many businesses big and small "go out of business". They go out of business because of poor inventory management, which is a very common phenomenon. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2017, H&M reported an excess inventory of $4.8 billion, or a total of $4,800,000,000, a huge amount of fabric that will hit the market and drive down prices in many parts of the world. Missing styles in stock or buying too many styles with unpopular inventory can be the death knell for any business large or small. This is what Fitness-tool can help you with so you can virtually eliminate inventory risk.

How can leggings wholesale supermarket help me deal with inventory risk?

Fitness-tool allows you to buy every legging and fashion style in bulk in a single piece, so you can buy as little as 1 of each style or as many as we have in stock, or even more if you want to make a special order. Let's take an example of how this is a key factor in maximizing your success and profitability.

Let's take the example of buying 30 pairs of leggings. Remember, you don't know how well any of these new styles will sell, or which ones are the most popular. We will give 3 examples:

3 styles of 10 each
6 styles of 5 each
30 styles, 1 each
Trying to sell 10 pieces with only 3 styles can lead to very bad results. If you choose 3 styles that don't sell well to your customer base, you're in trouble in the first place. You'll be scrambling to clear your inventory to try some new styles, and you'll be wasting time and money trying to get it right.

The second example might yield better results, but if you choose 2 great sales, 1 average, and 3 slow sells, you could have 50% of your initial capital stuck in slow-moving stale inventory.

Our last example is 1 piece in 30 different styles, each allowing you to maximize your profit potential and limit the losses you may suffer from obsolete stock. It also gives you a good idea of ​​what styles are on sale. Maybe you noticed that all your sugar skull leggings and pink floral leggings sold out in no time. This is great market intelligence as it might prompt you to buy 2 of each style that sells right away, and let you flip your inventory faster by bringing in styles you know are selling fast. Then you might also notice that there are many styles that no one is interested in, which will give you very valuable information. If no one is interested in styles that don't sell well, then you know which styles you should or shouldn't bring. This is essential for developing your inventory without getting frustrated trying to liquidate bad-style decisions. You can now begin to imagine how your own inventory management will work, and how you will limit risk with single-item purchases. Don't underestimate the key business principles of inventory management.

Another element of inventory is important for turning your inventory investment into profit...getting your product on time.

Get Tights Inventory Quickly - Inventory Turnover

Inventory turnover is a ratio that shows the number of times inventory is sold and replaced over a period of time. Divide the number of days in the period by the inventory turnover formula to calculate the number of days it takes to sell the inventory on hand. It is calculated as sales divided by average inventory.

This is very simple for smaller inventories. So if you sell 5 pairs of leggings per week and have 50 pairs of leggings, your inventory turnover rate is 10 weeks. This may not be accurate as some styles in your inventory may be harder to sell. Now imagine if it took more than 2, 3, 4, or even 5 weeks to get your inventory. This can have a catastrophic effect on your ability to maximize inventory and profits. Even 1 or 2 weeks can make a huge difference to your bottom line. When you order inventory, you want to have it as quickly as possible so you can turn the fabric into profit.

Once again, this is where leggings wholesale supermarkets will give you a huge benefit.

Most orders for Fitness-tool are received the same day (if you ordered before 2:00 PST). 95% of orders ship the same day, and we even offer 2-3 day USPS Priority Shipping at great prices. If you wish, we also offer very low-cost ocean freight logistics services to help you establish a price advantage. We know that when you get your leggings fast, you can sell them just as fast.

We will always do our best to ensure your business is as successful as possible. We succeed when our clients succeed.

Leggings wholesale supermarket is ideal for small boutiques and niche businesses

If you're already running your own small boutique or niche-oriented business, adding as many styles as possible will be a key component of your success. Fitness-tool allows you to buy leggings in bulk so you can add amazing style combinations with limited stock risk. Or maybe you own and operate a flower shop and you think selling floral leggings would be a good idea for your clients as well. Leggings are a great way to market high-quality, beautiful legging styles to your customer base.

Your options are virtually limitless, and we're always introducing new legging styles to ensure you have options and new ideas for your business.

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